How to Choose the RIGHT Omega3 Supplement!

We’ve all heard the buzz these days about the importance of Omega3 in our diets.

It’s TRUE, very TRUE.

So, what food sources are rich in Omega3?
Take a look at this chart and you'll see there’s a lot of fish on it.

Our diets are horribly short of daily Omega3 but the question is, 'Why is Omega3 SO important"?

Here's a few reasons why:

Our brains are made up of 60% fat and 90% of that fat is made from Omega3 oils
After the age of 20 our brains begin to shrink.
By the time we reach age 45 a normal brain has shrunk in size by 11%.
Alzheimer’s disease, very simply defined, is an abnormal and quick shrinking of the brain.
Aging and memory loss also happen faster for people who lack Omega3 in their diets.
Pregnant woman who lack Omega3, suffer more postpartum depression.

Proper amounts of quality Omega3 slows the shrinkage of our brains significantly and reduces the likelihood of contracting Alzheimers disease by 60%.

When choosing the right Omega3 supplement, it's important that it contains the proper amounts of both DHA and EPA.

DHA is the Omega3 that helps our brain and vision – yes vision.
EPA is the Omega3 needed for our circulatory system, and inflammation thus reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke.

The source of your Omega3 is also critical.

Much of the fish we currently buy at our local market or grocery store is farmed fish.

The best source of Omega3 comes from deep, cold water, non predatory fish. They swim deep with less human contamination.

You also want to be sure the fish are not old. I know that may sound a little odd, but our oceans are also contaminated and older fish have built up more mercury in their bodies. Not good.

Another very important factor is how the oil is extracted. Most companies use a chemical process, and dangerous preservatives. Molecular distillation it the best and safest way to remove impurities or contaminates from the fish thus producing the best Omega3 possible.

My hope is that I’ve given you some tools to make good choices when looking for an Omega3 supplement.

Where do I buy my Omega3? From a company that cares about all that I’ve written above and a whole lot more!